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    Our Bell & Clock Products

    Cast Bronze Bell Carillons

    Cast Bells & Carillons

    We partner with you to design, plan and install the perfect product with lasting musical value and beauty.

    Tower Clock

    Tower Clocks

    A tower clock is an investment in the beauty of an architectural project that provides service to a community for generations. Check out our clock website to learn more.

    Glockenspiel Clock


    We guarantee old world craftsmanship mixed with the best available technology.

    University Bell Clock Tower

    Bell & Clock Towers

    Our preventative maintenance and experience to quickly find and repair problems help keep your bell and clock equipment in reliable operation.

    Custom Designed Cast Bronze Bell Sculpture

    Musical Structures

    Every bell sculpture is a one-of-a-kind work of art that reflects the creators’ imagination, as well as the spirit of the community.

    Our Bell & Clock Services

    Cast Bronze Bell Inspection Service


    Inspection services from Christoph Paccard help you to reduce risk, ensure quality and accuracy, as well as meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

    Foundry Workers Install Cast Bronze Bells

    Construction & Installation

    Our construction and installation services combined with long-lasting beauty and craftsmanship offer endless design possibilities and flexibility for your custom project.

    Bell Foundry worker services a tower clock

    Renovation & Repair

    Christoph Paccard is the easy answer for repairs, renovation  or restoration of clock and bell systems, with the affordability to fit your budget.


    Service & Maintenance

    Our predictive and preventative maintenance programs are designed to lower your bell or clock equipment costs and avoid unnecessary problems before they happen.

    Clock Bell Tower Design

    Design & Engineering

    Every project is different, but our mindset is the same from project to project. Our approach allows us to be flexible, partnering with you on every design project from start to finish.

    Bronze Bell Project Planning Fundraising

    Planning & Fundraising

    Our comprehensive suite of fundraising services includes everything you need to engage supporters for your bell, clock or glockenspiel project.

    Why Choose Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry?


    From beginning to end, you can expect superior quality and award-winning excellence.

    Technical Design

    Our technical design team provides you with quality solutions for all aspects of bell and clock structures.

    Service & Support

    Customers throughout North America rely on our experience and expertise for their bell, clocks and carillon service and support.


    With years of experience, you can trust and rely on our integrity and credibility.


    Superb integrations of bell and clock control systems with the network tools you rely on every day.


    Ultimate flexibility to meet all of your bell, clock, glockenspiel operations.