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6 Tips Before You Purchase a Tower Clock

Collection of various clock tower styles

Collection of various clock tower styles

Purchasing a new tower clock can be a daunting task, especially when it’s not something you purchase every day and is such a large investment of time and money. Your best bet is to make sure to do your homework ahead of time!

Tower Clock Buyer Tips

Below are a few tips, and do’s and don’ts when purchasing a new tower clock:

  1. Thin Doesn’t Win. Thin plexiglass clock faces, especially those that are less than three-eighths inches thick, won’t stand up to the test of time. A much more durable choice is half-inch thick cast acrylic.
  2. No Disappearing Act. With the impact of weather on vinyl and screen printed numerals, you’ll end up with a blank tower clock face in less than five years. Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry recommends one-quarter inch cast black acrylic, chemically bonded and etched into the dial face.
  3. Hold the Oil, Please. Don’t rely on oil baths to ensure smooth clock movement. Oil drains out or collects dirt, dust and bug debris which can gum up the gears. High-quality movements with bronze, brass and stainless steel gears save maintenance hassles and cost less for long-term operation of your tower clock.
  4. Don’t Sync Up; Act Impulsively. Impulse movement clocks are a good indicator of a high-quality tower clock. In contrast, synchronous movement clocks often lose time due to power problems, high moisture or low temperatures.
  5. Avoid a Cheap Shine. Although fluorescent bulbs are inexpensive, they need regular replacement and require frequent trips into the clock chamber. Instead, Christoph Paccard uses high-output LED lighting can last at least 10 years, and longer when combined with a photocell.
  6. Ditch the Cover. Clock covers exist to protect cheaply-made clock parts from the elements, yet the covers usually create a bigger problem: discoloration makes the clock difficult to read and unattractive. With movements designed to withstand heavy wind and weather, Christoph Paccard manufactures open face dials that don’t react to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and are less likely to discolor. See comparison below.

Bonus Tower Clock Buyer Tips

Never buy a tower clock with less than a 5-year warranty. Christoph Paccard offers a standard warranty of 5 years on parts and labor, with extended warranties available.

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