glockenspiel-clock5Glockenspiels originated in Europe and were frequently placed on the town square or city plaza where citizens and visitors could enjoy them. In addition to being architecturally unique, Glockenspiels use moving figurines that, at different times of the day, enact a play or skit that is important to the town’s history and heritage. In addition to the figurines, glockenspiels also make music and include carillons of cast bronze bells.

One of the most famous glockenspiels is located in Munich, Germany. Built at the beginning of the 19th century, the glockenspiel clock is the largest in Germany. The carillon has 43 bells which together weigh in excess of 2,800 lbs. The glockenspiel celebrates two different events from Munich’s past. One scene shows barrel makers, or coopers, dancing in memory of the end of the black plague in 1517, and the other scene is jousting knights re-enacting a tournament that took place at Duke Wilhelm V’s royal wedding. During the summer the glockenspiel has become a “must-see” tourist attraction with hundreds of visitors waiting to see the shows.

Built for generations of service

One of the oldest Glockenspiels dates from the year 1218. It was destroyed by fire in 1405, rebuilt in 1530 and is still in operation today.

Glockenspiels by Christoph Paccard guarantee old world craftsmanship interlaced with the best technology of today. A Glockenspiel is an important architectural and heritage feature in which the primary focus of its design and construction components should be very high end reliability of operation and the long term value it represents as an investment. Christoph Paccard Glockenspiels are not only amazingly intricate mechanical jewels, but one in which breathtaking consistency of operation is a standard. Christoph Paccard welcomes your contact to discuss a Glockenspiel for your community.

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Glockenspiel bell installations by Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry guarantee old world craftsmanship integrated with the best of today’s technology.

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