Bell Frame RenovationWe Offer Custom Bell Frame Solutions

Christoph Paccard offers custom designs and manufactures steel or wood bell frames to fit every application, whether a single small bell or a grand carillon played with traditional baton keyboard console.

Steel Bell Frames and Renovations

Steel bell frames have been in use for many years and offer the advantages of a lower material cost, fabrication investment and ease of tower construction as compared to wooden bell frames.

All steel bell frames are hot dip galvanized and have isolation built in between the major components of the bell and bell frame.

Wooden Bell Frames and Renovations

Although wooden bell frames were used by bell makers for centuries, the expertise required to craft a wooden bell frame is limited to a small group of bell makers and installers whose families have mastered the craft of bell design for centuries.

If a wood bell frame is high quality and properly dried, it can easily function for centuries while protecting the bell tower from the impact of dynamic forces and ensuring the clarity of the bells sound.