Electromagnetic Striker for Designed Swinging Bells

Electromagnetic Striker for Designed Swinging Bells

Electromagnetic striker for carillon bells

  • Electromagnetic striker specifically designed for carillon bells
  • Can be mounted inside or outside the bell
  • Easy installation; can be mounted with the striking head upwards or downwards
  • Strikers can be supplied with a longer tail or with mounting plate
  • Easy to adjust striking strength

If fast repetitions are desired, a specially designed additional print can be ordered. This print is built into a casing and placed near the striker control box.

We advise using this print for strikers type III127 (bell up to 1300kg), III128 (bell up to 2500kg) or III129 (bell up to 5000kg) in case of fast repetitions during a longer period as of 2 strikes per second.

General features electromagnetic strikers

The choice of material and the surface treatment aims to guarantee the correct functioning of the devices with a minimum of maintenance:

  • Hot-dip galvanized strikers and mounting parts
  • Rustproof materials and mounting parts with anti-rust treatment
  • Soft steel striking heads for strikers with fixed striking head
  • Cast iron or bronze striker heads for strikers with switchable striking head
  • Synthetic striker bearings
  • Synthetic striker bearings
  • Can be fitted with a connection box, with or without a flexible or a built-in rectifier or with a CE striker control box
  • Rectified supply voltage of 230V or 110V
  • Magnet strikers suitable for bells up to 13,800 pounds