Digitally Controlled Bell Swing Motors

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry swing motors safely and securely feature:

The system houses a digital sensor which monitors the bells degree of swing. The sensor transmits information to the micro-processor which communicates with the motor system to deliver precision control over each bell. Compare to an electric swing motor operating blind.

Protect Your Bell Tower

The normal swinging motion of bells that are rung by mechanical bell ringing units may create resonance in the bell chamber which can cause damage to your bell tower. The system utilized by Christoph Paccard is specially designed to minimize resonances and keep your tower structure safe by providing precisely timed, smooth application of power. The power to the swing motor is precisely regulated to provide perfect bell angles and clapper force to the bell which reduces the dynamic loading on the bell tower.

Protect Your Bells

The system’s automatic control regulates the force of the clapper when it strikes each side of the bell, eliminating faulty bell-ringing which can damage the bells and equipment. From the beginning of the swing through the end, the bell and bell structure are completely controlled and protected.

The braking of the bell swing at the conclusion of the swinging function serves to keep erratic clapper strikes from occurring and also makes it possible to begin other bell functions very quickly.

Traditional Sound

Keep the sounds of traditional rope ringing using new and advanced technology. The system controls each bell based on its individual weight, size and mounting, ensuring that the bell is rung properly each time it swings.