Bell Towers


Bell Tower, Dalton State University at Night

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry can help you design and construct a bell tower for your specific application. We are passionate about creating crafted towers that use toned instruments that are one of a kind.

Bell Tower Construction

Structural steel or brick and mortar designs are used to construct world-class bell towers, fabricated to complement the aesthetic value of any layout. Christoph Paccard also has the capability to work with architects and builders to custom design a tower that is as individualized for your application.

The bells used in our towers are designed to deliver a prime tone that is based on a specific musical note. The hum, minor third, fifth and octave tones, which are all a result of the initial strike, will also be tuned to ring with clarity and musical accuracy. We use a simple tuning fork and high-end digital equipment to make sure that the bell instruments ring with precision.

Bell Tower Craftsmanship

The highest standards are used for craftsmanship into building towers that are top quality – we are committed to perfection. Our bell towers are crafted to amaze, with classically appealing designs that feature bells that chime pitch perfectly and generate a resonance that is completely unique. A Christoph Paccard bell tower can be the perfect accent to any project.

Christoph Paccard represents the Paccard Fonderie des Cloches, makers of the world’s finest cast bronze bells since 1796.

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Church Cast Bronze Bells

Tower clock craftsmen designed a new set of four tower clocks similar to the old tower clocks in appearance – but with major design improvements.
Outdoor Open Chapel Bell Tower Construction

Cast Bronze Church Bell

The chapel, completed in September of 2014 with a seating for approximately 40 parishioners, features quarried stone and rough sawn heavy timbers from the state of Georgia.
Cast Bronze Bell First Presbyterian Wilmington North Carolina

Cast Carillon Church Bell

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry designed an instrument of 43 carillon bells to be housed into the beautiful stone tower, constructed in 1928, but empty of carillon bells for almost 85 years.
Carillon Bells University California Riverside

Carillon Bell Tower

The bronze cast carillon bells at the University of California, Riverside, California, are housed in a unique tower that is 161 feet tall. The 48 bells weigh in at 5,091 pounds for the largest bell and 28 pounds for the smallest carillon bells.
University Tennessee Sewanee Carillon Bell Tower

Cast Bronze Carillon Bells

The setting of the carillon is ideal as it is nestled into the beautiful campus without heavily trafficked roads; a peaceful location for the large set of carillon bells.
University of South Alabama Clock Large Bell Peal

Cast Bronze Bell & Tower Clock Project

The bronze bells are finely tuned and complemented with a Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry digital carillon instrument to play seasonal songs including the alma mater.
Carillon Installation Central Lutheran Church Minneapolis Minnesota 02

Carillon Bell Tower Maintenance

Christoph Paccard service technicians maintain the carillon in perfect conditions receiving rave reviews from musicians for its superb condition.