Cast Bronze Bells

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Cast Bronze Bells at Appalachian State University

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry designs and installs custom designed cast bronze bells that produce the most amazing tones. The bronze bells are crafted with the passion and precision to generate pitch perfect sound. We have created bells for some of the most illustrious towers in the world.

Distinct Cast Bronze Bell Sounds

Christoph Paccard is dedicated to delivering a product that is profound, by producing bronze bells that are constructed to ring at optimum clarity and create distinct timbre. Our bells are designed and created from artistic vision and a musical foundation. They are not designed to simply make noise – they are designed to make unforgettable music.

Our bells create a sound of timeless romance that echoes through the ages in perfect pitch and enriched clarity. Whenever they chime, their stunning tones charm the ear. Their beautiful voices conjure up feelings of peacefulness and serenity. Christoph Paccard’s custom bronze bells emit enchantment and splendor with each ring.

Our bronze bells are created by the world’s premier designers and founders made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our goal is to make the finest bells in the world. Each bell we produce is fashioned with the knowledge of the most skilled experts. Our bells are tuned to intensify their prime notes and are acoustically balanced in order that the small bells may ring with an equal or comparable volume as the large bells.

Cast Bronze Bell Metallic Composition

The metallic composition of our bells is also responsible for their beautiful chimes. Our experience has allowed us to discover a metallic ratio that is only used in our casting process.

This alloy creates bronze bells that are perfectly tuned and will hold their tonality forever. The ring of our bronze bells grace some of the most beautiful cities in the world for many years to come.

Each bell is cast from the purest bronze with an optimal mixture of pure red copper and block tin. This meticulously engineered mixture is paramount to creating a beautiful, mesmerizing sound; without such initial care, sounds cannot freely resonate and often get muffled among inferior compositions that result in a dead sound.

Most other manufacturers cannot replicate the intricate casting required for a truly soulful melody, but after seven generations through our exclusive association with the Paccard Bell Foundry, we have mastered this vital methodology and composition. Our casting results in unsurpassed quality and composition and allows the finest tuning of warm, soothing and inviting sounds along with an unrivaled beauty.

The Tuning Process of Cast Bronze Bells

The tuning process of the bells is extremely intricate because we know the creation of the perfect tone is of the utmost importance to you. Every bell we create is cast with a specific musical note that is factored into the design process. We devote ourselves to creating an instrument that holds musically true. When you select a tone for your custom bell, we will apply the necessary process to make it ring in tune every time. It’s our passion for creating beautiful music that inspires us to construct the finest bells the world has ever heard.

Our commitment to musical and aesthetic craftsmanship will guarantee that you receive the most exceptional bell instruments available.

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Christoph Paccard represents the Paccard Fonderie des Cloches, makers of the world’s finest cast bronze bells since 1796.

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry represents the world’s authoritative church bell manufacturer, the seven generation, 200+ year old Paccard Bell Foundry of Annecy France. Following time-honored traditions of a family owned church bell manufacturing company, Paccard has produced over 125,000 cast bronze bells by hand for churches, schools and enthusiasts worldwide from their bell foundry located in beautiful Lake Annecy, Haute, Savoie, France since 1796. Our melodious craft has reached nearly every continent.

Regardless of the scope of your project, whether it requires a carillon, a peal, a chime, or just a single bell, our goal is to partner with you to design, plan and implement the right solution for your unique needs.

We design, install, and service bell instruments for our clients. We work with our clients to understand their needs and desires in a bell instrument, then create solutions that work within the constraints, if any, of structure, space, and budget.

Our design work incorporates planning for the possibility of future musical expansion of the instrument when possible, and additionally, for consideration of manual action in addition to electric action.

We find more often than not that the consideration of a single bronze bell, peal, chime or bell carillon is a first time experience for our clients.

We are pleased to offer our expertise in evaluating the possibilities that are afforded by the site, and further, in bringing creative ideas forward for evaluation.

We specialize in helping to create a bell instrument, whether a single bronze bell, or a peal, with the goal in mind of making possible the future successful completion of an expanded instrument.

We take pleasure in working with our clients to understand bell instruments, from concept to completion, that meet their needs and desires.

We practice our work with a heart toward musical and aesthetic craftsmanship, and with a desire to work with our clients in creating a high-quality instrument of lasting value.

Tuning a Cast Bronze Bell

Tuning a Cast Bronze Bell

The Craftsmanship & Handmade Quality

Craftsmanship, artistry and handmade quality describe very few products made anywhere in the world today. Finding top quality goods produced with a dedication to workmanship is rare. Yet, there are still a few companies that are passionate about the old fashioned way of creating world class products. They continue to be committed to excellence and being the best in their industry. In the church bell industry, that company is Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry.

Because of our craftsmanship and attention to detail, Christoph Paccard church bells are known internationally for their precise tuning and pure tone. Our church bells set the standard for quality that no other bell foundry cannot reproduce. Our church bells are handmade, from beginning to end, by the most skilled craftsmen, committed to creating a high-quality product specifically for you.

Quality is the hallmark of the Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry. We can craft a cast bronze church bell for you that will be traditionally crafted to exude the most appealing tones imaginable. Christoph Paccard wants to supply you with an extraordinary church bell that will continue to delight you for many years.

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Pouring of pure metallic compound into mold for cast bronze bell.

Pouring of pure metallic compound into mold for cast bronze bell.

Cast Bronze Church Bells: Inspiring. Motivating.

As a church bell manufacturer, our bells are a unique result of seven generations of experience blended with modern technological advances that result in unparalleled manufacturing precision. For us, it is an art form, constantly evolved and perfected by experience, technique, and creativity, such that we have become the world’s premiere church bell manufacturer. If quality and dedication are important to you, if you want to exemplify your love and respect for your God and your church, then there is no other choice for a church bell manufacturer than Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry. We design our bells to radiate peace and love as much as we do harmony and richness of tone.

Most clients do not understand how important the final tuning process is to the sound of the bell. The warm spirituality of a church bell’s sound is not a byproduct of manufacturing but is the result of meticulous tuning through a process of hand lathing inner rings from the bell itself until the highest standards are achieved.

Most companies have never learned the intricate and precise details required for such a rich and warm sound, but the differences are immediately apparent. As a church bell manufacturer, Christoph Paccard has been the hallmark conductors of such music for over two centuries and place an equally meticulous importance of the tuning as we do with the bell’s aesthetic beauty itself.

Artisans of Timeless Beauty

Even more important is our dedication to our trade, our passion. We are not just church bell manufacturers but are artisans of timeless beauty. Our art form has been handed down through generations from father to son. The father’s experience and knowledge are allowed to evolve with the son via modern techniques and trained insight to preserve this heritage of beauty, spirituality and soulful melodies. It is this cumulative knowledge, experience, and dedication to a family craft that makes us a church bell manufacturer that simply cannot be imitated, even though many have tried.

If you are seeking a church bell manufacturer – for perhaps a donation to your church or parish – you need to look no further than Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry. We are the most experienced hand-crafted church bell manufacturer and have always maintained the utmost traditional and spiritual methods in our craft. This adherence to ideals is reflected in our finished product. Our church bells’ intrinsic beauty and rich, powerful tones are inherently spiritual, much like the visual effect of a church’s stained glass windows or the sound from a carefully engineered pipe organ.

The church bell is a warm beacon to a congregation. It’s a call for prayer. It can help bring a worshiper into a state of heightened spiritual readiness to absorb the gospel and allow love to flow freely. For such an important task, you simply can’t settle for a second or third tier church bell manufacturer; your congregation, your church deserves the very best from an established church bell manufacturer who understands and has perfected the art of bell-founding. We sincerely hope you will honor us with the opportunity to beautify your place of worship.

Every church bell is handmade using the strictest provisions in our creation process. The Paccard family guarantees that our church bells will satisfy every customer’s expectations for beauty, tone, and clarity.

A Unique Instrument

From the largest single bell, called a bourdon, to the smallest bell in a carillon, these instruments are designed to create an unforgettable sound. Because of the fine tuning process, which involves up to eight harmonics within the bell being tuned with each other, our bells will continue to ring and then quietly hum for a period of time after it is struck. It is a wonderful sound that in a sense, expresses the feelings of fellowship a bell can encourage.

Each church bell is tuned to deliver an exact key specific musical note. A bell’s tone should be distinct and focused to create a sound that is audibly appealing. Each of the church bells we create is specifically designed for our clients and will produce a tone that charms the heart. In the art and science of tuning our church bells, our craftsmen not only use high-end contemporary digital equipment but also centuries-old tuning forks.

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