Custom pedestal clock, three sided bronze

Custom pedestal clock, three sided bronze

Custom tower clocks produced by Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry epitomize the service and beauty you expect. They serve as a timeless representation of an organization’s public service and stability and offer a window for a potential customer’s awareness of a company. Our custom tower clocks are designed with this purpose in mind, and as such, are masterpieces of beauty, precision and visual impact.

While we do offer high-quality turnkey solutions, the majority of our orders are for full custom tower clocks. These custom tower clocks ensure an end product that meets your exact specifications.

Regardless of the complexity of your vision, we have a custom solution that will realize that vision and even excite you.

We will gladly work with your architects and/or builders to ensure your custom tower clock is integrated in a manner that ensures congruency of design and an intensification of its aesthetic impact.

Custom Tower Clock Materials

The materials we choose for our custom tower clocks are the highest quality available. Whereas our competitors may opt for cheaper materials – this is simply a poor business plan, both for our competitors and their clients.

Public displays of a custom tower clock are representative of the organizations, as well as the manufacturers themselves. While cheap materials degrade relatively fast, so does the function and accuracy of the custom clocks that use them.

So how would a publicly displayed clock that runs fast, slow or stops altogether affect public perception of such an organization? The projected image would be that the company is as cheap and unreliable as the clock itself.

It is important that you choose a manufacturer that provides the best quality and service for your custom tower clock. Christoph Paccard is the obvious choice.

The History of Clock Towers

Clock towers and those mounted on building faces have historically served an important community service. Prior to the mid 20th century, watches did not exist, and before the 18th century, clocks were generally not found in the home. If you think how important keeping time is to you, you can imagine what it would be like to not have that ability. No schedule of any kind could be maintained without a way to tell time.

Early corporations and governments recognized the importance of these public clocks and endeavored to associate them with their organization. And it worked. The public valued the company, even the government, more for its contribution to their daily lives, feeling the organization was “as true as time itself.”

Although today, people have a multitude of time-keeping devices, the value and service associated with these custom clocks have persisted. They are an effective image of public assistance and stability. At Christoph Paccard, we understand this importance and seek to maximize your organization’s public image and the aesthetic beauty of your architecture with the accuracy and visual appeal of the custom clocks we produce.

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Providing the Finest Tower Clocks Available

We make the finest tower clocks available to accent some of the most beautiful clock towers in the world.

Our experience with creating custom made clocks has led us to discover the right combination of materials to construct a product that will not only look stunning but will maintain optimum functionality and durability. We create dependable tower clocks that are weather resistant and will maintain their beauty better than cheaper alternatives. Custom made tower clocks from Christoph Paccard accentuate beauty in architecture and preserve a classic style while providing reliability and accuracy.

You can custom design a clock that will capture the spirit of your tower. Choose the dial, numeric layout, hands and illumination display that will look best in your building and we can supply you with a custom made tower clock that will look great and run for many years. We can provide details that can’t be matched by any other clock maker.