Digital Bells

Digital bells by Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry include digital carillon instruments and digital bell solutions. Our digital bells also combine specialty digital audio engineering and expertise with extensive industry knowledge about the need for top-caliber electronic solutions.

Our digital systems meet all of the traditional needs of churches and university campuses with the flexibility and control of modern digital bells. Our digital solutions are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

Digital Peal System

The digital peal system meets all of the traditional needs of churches and university campuses with the flexibility and control of a modern digital solution.

The system includes multiple bell rings for different occasions:

  • regular clock chimes and hour strikes
  • traditional call-to-worship
  • call-to-class
  • pealing bells used for weddings, commencements, and occasions
  • funeral toll
  • Angelus, Sanctus, and De Profundis rings

The system comes with default settings for all digital bells, however, the customer can create and assign their own selection of bell notes.

Features include pre-programmed, flexible chime choices, impulse or synchronous tower clock control, Global Positioning System (GPS) time management, and client-selectable bell notes for clock chimes. Using digital bells with our digital peal system is a great way to go!

Digital Chime System

The digital chime system offers a wide variety of musical possibilities and comes pre-loaded with thousands of seasonal and topical pieces that can be played manually, or set to play automatically at a predetermined time. The system also provides a direct MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connection for live interaction with any external MIDI device, such as a MIDI-enabled keyboard.

Harmony Digital Carillon Instrument

The Harmony Digital Carillon Instrument is another example of digital bells. The Harmony Carillon combines all of the capabilities of the digital peal and chime systems with additional features, such as:

  • exceptional ease of use
  • customized recording capabilities
  • naming and manipulating custom music libraries
  • automatic seasonal music changes based on client-defined dates

A different kind of solution using digital bells is the digital bell controller, which rings traditional cast bronze bells for liturgy with all of the same functions of the digital carillon, and operates with live or recorded input from a midi keyboard.

It offers complete control via a remote touch control screen located on an organ console, or where convenient and desired. This instrument is designed to operate either as a stand-alone cast bell controller only or as a true combination instrument, with digital bells that perfectly complement your existing bells in the same fashion that many pipe organs are enhanced with digital pipes.

While each of these solutions comes with standard default configurations, they may also be ordered with a custom configuration including a beautiful solid wood keyboard console if desired.

Christoph Paccard’s line of digital bells, carillon instruments, and bell-ringing products was developed through a proprietary strategic partnership with an ISO-certified specialty electronics engineering firm.

All products are made and manufactured in the United States. This partnership leverages the use of specialized expertise in digital audio sound and high-level electronics engineering, in combination with Christoph Paccard’s extensive experience with traditional needs and custom bell-ringing solutions.

The result is a truly superior and innovative line of digital carillon instruments and bell-ringing products that have no equal on the market today.