Donor Gives Church Bell as Lasting Gift

Church Bell Gift

For the donor, family or church, the creation and casting of a church bell is a significant and lasting gift to future generations; the opportunity to send a message of what is important to the future that will be heard and seen.

Church bells from Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry are not only musical masterpieces but beautiful works of art, too.

Creating a church bell through the lost wax process is very much the same as a sculptor uses when creating a sculpture in bronze.  The end result of the artistic work of the bell creator are inscriptions, logo’s and art permanently cast in bas-relief on the face of the church bell.

The church bell pictured was personalized and decorated by a donor family with artistically rendered motifs’ of important family articles and memories and inscribed with a verse of scripture that was a part of the life of the donor’s parents.

Today, this church bell sings out from the bell tower of the church the family has been a part of for generations.