Electronic Carillons

As with all Christoph Paccard products, our electronic bell ringing equipment includes top-quality components such as stainless steel mounting bolts, heavily-galvanized bell strikers and bell control equipment – all of which are designed to be reliable and durable.

Electronic carillons can also be configured to use both traditional and electric methods and can be combined with clock chimes and hour strikes.

Our electronic carillon and chime systems meet all of the traditional needs of churches, university or corporate campuses with the flexibility and control of a modern electronic instrument.

When designing a new system, we always plan for the future when possible and include the possibility of the addition of manual action to the project.

Options for all instruments include:

  • Wireless and remote control
  • Inside sound, (sanctuary sound)
  • Additional amplification / speakers
  • Bronze commemorative plaque
  • “Bell” plaque
  • Control of existing or new bells or clocks
  • Campus warning siren system

Digital Electronic Carillon

Celesta Carillon

This small wall or cabinet mountable carillon instrument plays Westminster clock chimes and hour strikes, as well as peals, tolls, songs and hymns for the church, collegiate or community setting. At the intersection of relatively low price and high quality, this product is an excellent choice. The Celesta Carillon is a great value for adding a voice to smaller steeples, tower clocks, schools, post and street clocks.

Harmony Electronic Carillon System

The Harmony Carillon is a high-quality, proprietary carillon system and controls the functions of an electronic carillon including real bells and tower clocks.

Harmony Digital/Electronic Controller

The American Harmony Carillon

The American Harmony Carillon is the finest electronic carillon instrument available, with multiple voices including French cast bell, Flemish cast bells, English Change Ring bells, handbells, as well as many others. The instrument incorporates solid-state stop action of your choice with draw knobs or tilt-tabs), and a finish and custom solid wood keyboard console with bench

As a theater or hall, large church or collegiate instrument, the American Harmony Carillon is a magnificent instrument that provides great versatility and possibilities in musical outreach. All standard carillon features are included with this instrument. Additionally, if stop action space is available, the instrument can be incorporated within an existing organ console. In certain applications, the instrument provides output in fiber optic to provide the highest quality and protection from electrical disturbances.

Interested in starting a new electronic bell or carillon project?