Harmony Digital/Electronic Controller

Harmony Electronic Carillon System

The Harmony Carillon is a high-quality, proprietary carillon system and controls the functions of an electronic carillon including real bells and tower clocks. The instrument plays clock chimes, hour strikes, calls-to-worship, wedding and celebration peals, funeral tolls and other liturgical bell rings.
The Harmony Carillon has an unlimited music storage capacity and can be controlled through a wireless network connection with a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. The carillon system has a touch screen and is fully automatic with seasonal music changes and can be played live with a MIDI keyboard.

Technical Specifications

Software capabilities

  • 5 octave, 61 note musical range of tuned cast bronze bells
  • Table technology (internet, USB, touch screen, LAN) with LINUX software
  • 4GB internal memory storage
  • Easily organize melodies into files/subfiles
  • Store melody files on external Secure Digital (SD) memory cards
  • Ability to control traditional bells and tower/slave clocks through relay interface systems
  • 32 note polyphony
  • CE standard compliant
  • Flame resistant abilities – UL940V-o Flame Class Rating
  • No harmful electromagnetic interference
  • Immune to external power surges


  • Automatic daylight savings time changeover
  • Automatic time reset in the event of a power failure

User Interface

  • Easy touch screen user interface management system
  • Easily secured with personalized user code
  • Unlimited melodies

Data Communication

  • Internal wireless card with 3G technology
  • Remote accessible with smartphone, tablet or laptop computer tablet
  • Ability to view displays/command table for remote operation. –
  • USB or LAN network connections

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