Outdoor Floral Clock Example

Outdoor Floral Clock Example

Whatever your needs or the size of your organization, Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry can serve you. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will work closely with you to produce a breath-taking product. We are confident that our products will not only be satisfactory but awe-inspiring. We are equally confident that our customers will enjoy working with us and be excited with the results.

We offer two types of large outdoor clocks:

  1. a turnkey solution for quick, inexpensive and easy integration. This is usually the option chosen when extensive customization or integration into an existing structure is not required. Choosing one of our turnkey large outdoor clocks offers the fastest results with minimal disturbance on location. Frequently, these units will be fully or modularly constructed offsite and later delivered for final erecting, which minimizes onsite construction.
  2. a fully customized, made-to-order product that can achieve virtually any look or design you may envision. This may include working with builders and architects during construction to ensure seamless integration and consistency with a building in progress or simply adopting your design, logo, or style for an existing structure.

When special needs exist or when a seamless integration into existing buildings is desired, our custom large outdoor clocks are selected. This is the option that will allow utter creativity and allow you to materialize your vision into a permanent structure of beauty and functionality.

Despite which method is chosen, we use only the highest quality materials in our large outdoor clocks to ensure a lasting beauty and precision that will stand weather and time for years to come. While other manufacturers may cut corners to increase their bottom line profits, we place the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers first and foremost. When you choose Christoph Paccard, you are choosing a commitment to YOU.

History of Large Outdoor Clocks

As early as 50 BC with Greece’s legendary “Tower of the Winds”, large outdoor clocks have been the focal point of communities and townships due to their invaluable service. They offered a centralized timekeeping

They offered a centralized timekeeping device, widely visible throughout the community, which allowed citizens to maintain an accurate and synchronized schedule. Without these large outdoor tower clocks, early communities would have been hindered and their ultimate growth impeded.

Without these large outdoor tower clocks, early communities would have been hindered and their ultimate growth impeded.

Modern Use of Large Outdoor Clocks

Today, with a myriad of ways to keep time, these large outdoor clocks are not an absolute necessity, but still persistently maintain the image of service and reliability. This favorable image is subsequently reflected onto any business, campus, church and other organization that present these large outdoor clocks to their community. As such, organizations erecting large outdoor clocks are usually viewed as being reliable and having the public’s best interests in mind. The benefit of such an image is obvious and far-reaching.

However, large outdoor clocks are not limited to just organizations. Individuals have discovered the usefulness of mounting them in outdoor patios, spas, and pools or backyard barbecues for the attraction and convenience they offer. Frequently, these large outdoor clocks will be combined with an integrated thermometer and barometer for added usefulness. Aside from function and beauty, people who have erected large outdoor clocks have reportedly enjoyed a perceived increase in social status or appreciation, similar to when pools and spas were first just in the private, individualized sector.

Large outdoor clocks can be integrated into a tower or mounted on a building face. If opting for a tower, we can design and build the entire structure to your specifications. If mounting the clock on a pre-existing building, there are several options. Large outdoor clocks can be surface mounted, which means the clock will protrude from the building, or it can be inset, flush with the wall; it should be noted that flush mounting large outdoor clocks is considerably easier if integrated during construction of the building. A hybrid method of mounting is used with what’s called skeletal clocks, where the driving mechanisms and framework are hidden from view with only the numbers and hands protruding from the wall. This resulting appearance is as if the building and clock are one continuous unit.

In addition to the previously mentioned options, large outdoor clocks can be backlit or have just the hands and numerals illuminated. Time adjustments for seasonal time change or corrections after power outages are made fully automatically. For a truly automated approach, we recommend you opt for a GPS unit, designed for large outdoor clocks, which automatically adjusts for power outages and daylight savings time and synchronizes with an official source to ensure accurate time. Large outdoor clocks can also be backlit or hand illuminated for night-time viewing.

Whatever your need, Christoph Paccard can help you find the product that perfectly suits your needs. We have a long list of excited and satisfied customers who use our large outdoor clocks.