Georgia Liberty Bell Replica Restoration

State of Georgia Liberty Bell Replica Restoration

In 1950, 55 full size Liberty Bell replica’s were purchased from the Paccard Foundry by the U.S. Treasury Department and given to each state and U.S. territories as part of a treasury bond drive.

After 64 years of direct exposure to every kind of weather condition, the wooden yoke and the steel bell frame of Georgia’s Liberty Bell replica in Atlanta had deteriorated quite badly.

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry restored the bell with a new replica wooden yoke, sandblasted and powder-coated the existing steel bell frame, reassembled the bell, yoke, clapper, frame and mounting bolts back together and redelivered the 2,080 pound full size Liberty Bell replica back to Atlanta.

The bell is used as a focal point of the Liberty Plaza located on the gold leaf domed Georgia state house grounds.