Liberty Bell Replicas

liberty-bell-replica-half-sizeHistory of Liberty Bell Replicas

In 1950, the foundry was selected by the U.S. Treasury Department to cast fifty-five full size Liberty Bell replicas, one for each state plus U.S. territories, to place located on the capital grounds of each state.

Foundry craftsmen measured each feature and dimension of the original Liberty Bell to create fifty-five authentic replicas for the U.S. Treasury Department.

Liberty Bell Replica Construction

The bell is 44 1/2″ in diameter, 42 3/16″ high, (with yoke and stand), and weighs 2,080 pounds; it is delivered with a replica clapper, wooden yoke and inscriptions precisely replicated from the original Liberty Bell.  The bell is polished and may be allowed to patina naturally or with a polyurethane coating applied to keep the bell shiny as you may desire.

Cast only of bronze, Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry bells are composed of pure red copper and block tin. While the ratio of copper to tin is different depending on the size of the bell, most bells are approximately 78% copper and 22% tin.

Christoph Paccard also offers replica bells in half size, (by diameter), and in 1/6th size of approximately 7” in diameter.