Musical Bell Sculptures


Musical bell sculptures combine elements of sculpture, architecture, sound, and performance in imaginative ways that have never been done before.

Today, Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry continues its tradition of innovation by incorporating bells directly into sculptural works of art for colleges, universities, town squares, corporate complexes, and other public places.

Each bell sculpture is built to create a special atmosphere and sensation for those who experience its beauty and each bell sculpture is completely unique. Enhanced by the minor third intrinsic to cast bronze bells, the ringing of a bell sculpture helps create a place of reflection, peace, and introspection.

Visual and Auditory Harmony

Musical bell sculptures are not just visually appealing – they are functioning musical instruments. Each bell sculpture is different and is designed to enhance its surroundings by eliciting unique moods and images, both from its design and from its use of music. Having a bell sculpture on a campus is a reassuring and peaceful presence that can honor your past, celebrate your present and inspire your future.

Musical Bell Sculpture Construction

Musical bell sculptures are created using Paccard cast bronze bells in combination with a structure created in the imagination of a designer. Some musical bell sculptures are based on a minimalist concept with very few bells and a visual focus. Others have many bells that are incorporated into the structure to offer expanded musical possibilities.

Whether it′s one bell or many, the beautifully resonant sound of Paccard bells gives each bell sculpture its stature as a fine work, bringing art and music to each community it serves.

Timeless Elegance

The structure of the musical bell sculptures is only limited by imagination. Stainless steel is often used, however, other metals and materials can be utilized. Every bell sculpture is a one-of-a-kind work of art that reflects the imagination of its creators, as well as the spirit of those in the community. It is a legacy for future generations, rooted in pride of accomplishment and a sense of common goals.

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