Reformation Lutheran Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Reformation Lutheran Church Peal Swinging“I just heard the bells for the first time and they are magnificent! The look and the sound is simply breathtaking! I could not be prouder or more pleased with the way in which the whole project has gone. Your work crew for the installation was outstanding. I find it rare that folks take such pride in their work, but I could sense a real feeling of ownership in their project.”

“Please express my thanks to Jerry, Chuck, and Chuck’s assistant (I don’t think I ever learned his name). And, of course, please share my kudos with Philippe. This whole experience has been wonderful, and it has made me so pleased that we chose to do business with Christoph Paccard.”

“If in any way I can help spread the good word or if you ever would like to refer folks to me as a reference with regard to the installation of the bells, I freely offer my services. I know we’ll be checking in soon enough on other issues and there may be a few things to tweak, but I am really pleased and hope you can sense our excitement as a congregation. If I am able to rescue the footage shot by the cameraman from WLTX News 19, Columbia’s CBS affiliate, I will share it with you.”

“I will also try to make certain you see the article THE STATE newspaper is to do on the bells. If you can help promote any of our story through your website, we would certainly appreciate the exposure. Keep in touch.”

“Again, my best to you and to each of those who worked with you to make the project a success. I am copying Jerry on this note, but would appreciate it if you would share my thanks with the others.”