tower-clock-repair-restoration-serviceWhen your bells are not sounding or your clocks are not ticking, you aren’t getting the best out of your equipment.

That’s the reason Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry provides the resources to help you keep your bell and clock equipment in top operating condition. Most importantly, you have access to some of the most experienced service technicians in the industry.

Our predictive and preventative maintenance programs are designed to lower your bell or clock equipment costs and avoid unnecessary problems before they happen.

Planned Bell and Clock Maintenance

Long-running and reliable bell ringing and clock equipment start with a proper planned maintenance schedule. And it helps protect against major repair costs and unplanned failures.

Relying on trained, experienced service technicians and genuine parts, planned maintenance allows you to schedule maintenance at your convenience and not when it needs quick, emergency maintenance.

A planned maintenance schedule can help you:

  • reduce and avoid downtime by preventing major repairs and failures.
  • save money by locating problems before they occur.