Bell renovations by Christoph Paccard normally start with an assessment of the current conditions of all bell ringing equipment and a full report to the client of the conditions found. Through our service of offering a “bell safety survey”, we often find bell that has been rung for 20, 30 or even 100 years without having been inspected for operating and safety conditions.

The most common bell renovation that Christoph Paccard conducts include new automatic bell control systems and relay interfaces, new digital swing motor(s), and / or electromagnetic bell strikers.
A complete bell renovation would also include total refreshment of all the ringing equipment including a new hot dip galvanized bellframe, yoke with bearings, bell wheel, clapper, and stainless steel mounting bolts.

Christoph Paccard selects only the highest quality components for our bell renovations that have stood the test of time and proven their durability and reliability.